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Dynamic Combat Systems


Dynamic Combat Systems is a Jeet Kune Do based fighting system with emphasis on reality combat. Training begins for the student with basic concepts on Jeet Kune Do and Silat Kali. Beginner techniques are introduced in sport application format. As the student progresses more complex concepts are introduced, attributes are developed, weapons training comes into play and the student is equipped to develop their unique express of combat.

Each person's methods of fighter will be different because each person is different. A 112 pound, 5' 2" woman will not and should not fight the same way as a 250 pound, 6' 4" man. Most martial arts take all students of various sizes, ages, philosophies, etc., etc. and try to cram them all into the same mold. JKD allows the individual to find what works for them. DCS stresses this development.





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